All our spices are ground in house and all our meat is Halal.


Pakoras | £5.50
Potato, aubergine & coriander mixed together in freshly prepared flour batter made from ground moong & masoor lentils.

Samosas | £7.00
Deep-fried pastry stuffed with garden peas, herbs & potato chunks or minced lamb. This popular street food is served on a bed of Zayna's special chickpea sauce.

Papdi Chanaa Chaat | £6.50
Small wheat crisps, spiced chickpeas, yoghurt & tamarind sauce with a sprinkling of fresh pomegranate and mint. Experience eating the Zayna way.

Til Mil Jheenga | £9.00
King Prawns coated with rice and wheat flour batter served with Zayna’s chilli sauce.

Lahori Macchi | £7.50
Freshly caught cod fillets deep fried in a gram flour batter; served with Tamarind sauce.

Kutchoomer Salad | £6.00
An invigorating combination of diced apple, red onion, tomato & cucumber finished with a sprinkling of chopped coriander and a squeeze of lemon.

Mango Salad | £6.50
Thin sliced mango, red onion, cucumber & coriander topped with a passion fruit & mango sauce.

Dal Soup | £7.50
Mixed yellow lentils soup cooked with cumin, coriander & garlic.